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The Original "Pezzi" GymnastikBall
by Ledragomma, made in Italy.

A ball was first used by the Swiss over 25 years ago as a means to help develop coordination and muscles of the trunk. Balls are still widely used in Swiss hospitals, schools, and homes, and have found their way to U.S. physical therapists and fitness classes. Balls are used as an aid to establishing balance, muscle tone, and coordination, and are excellent tools for heightening postural awareness with isolation of the abdominal and lower back muscles. Balls are very effective for stability, resistance, flexibility, and interval training. All our balls come with a plug and a valve that can be used with a Shrader valve bicycle pump.


GymnastikBall FAQ

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Original Pezzi Gymnastikball & Physioball

Original Pezzi Gymnastikball & Physioball

Buy the best! The Original Pezzi GymnastikBall and Physioball are high quality European therapy balls.

The Xertube, by SPRI Products, Inc.

Resistance training provides constant resistance throughout a full range of motion, thus training muscles to fatigue by isolating targeted muscle groups with fewer sets - for quicker results - with less chance for injury. SPRI's premiere product line consists of rubberized resistance exercise products - used for building muscular strength and physique. The Xertubes are the ideal workout tool that you can take anywhere. All you need is a little space to begin a total body conditioning program. The patented Xertube offers progressive resistance levels for multiple users and fitness levels. Ideal for traveling, home use, and rehabilitation exercises.

TUBING available in five color-coded resistances:

Very light - Seniors, Children, Rehab
Green -
Light - (the most popular) - Average Women, Advanced Rehab
Red -
Medium - Average Men or Active Women
Heavy - Advanced Men or Women
Ultra Heavy - Elite Men or Women

Turns your door into a home gym!

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