Maren's Story

I was very active as a kid, and tried virtually every sport there is. I participated in gymnastics, tennis, soccer, and track, but spent most of my time swimming, playing softball & dancing. I stopped participating in sports when I was 16 to focus on school and work. After high school, I started waiting tables at an upscale restaurant where I learned how to wine and dine, and gain weight! I was lucky enough to be waiting tables with a professional bodybuilder who taught me about weight lifting and nutrition, and a triathlete who got me running and biking.

I started training, and was soon participating in 10K races and duathalons. This felt like a huge accomplishment since I couldn’t complete a jog around the block when I was 18. In 1990 I even completed the San Francisco Marathon! Finding strength and the ability to run far gave me newfound confidence. My strong body and increased energy boosted my self-esteem, and inspired me to learn more about exercise and nutrition and share my new knowledge with as many people as I could! 

I took my first exercise instruction certification exam just to test my own knowledge, but quickly fell into personal training. I simultaneously built a personal training business and went back to college, with the goal of becoming a physical therapist or sports medicine physician. I completed a BA in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry, and took all the prerequisite science classes for Medical School. During this time, my grandmother had a stroke and my grandfather’s memory was failing. I dedicated myself to their care, managing around-the-clock caregivers and communicating with doctors about my grandparent’s health. I took the MCAT and was all ready to apply to Medical Schools when my grandmother passed away. The exposure I had to the health care system soured my ambition for a medical practice though. I noticed most doctors didn’t have time to get to know their patients during examinations and dedicate themselves to individual cases.

Over the years of running my personal training business, one of the things I’ve enjoyed most is being able to provide individualized programs geared to fit each client’s goals, lifestyle and special needs. I enjoy watching clients make progress and lead healthier lifestyles. I find it rewarding to get to know each client well enough to actively coach clients and participate in their lives, so they maximize their ability to succeed. When I realized this type of one-on-one care wasn’t going to be possible as a physician, I dedicated myself with renewed enthusiasm to my personal training business, and created a niche working with clients with medical conditions.

By spending more time than most healthcare professionals with my clients, I’ve received truly inspiring feedback from my clients about how I’ve succeeded where physicians and physical therapists fell short. I have worked with many retired clients, and by encouraging them to continue being active, have helped them live a healthy lifestyle and take preventive measures to avoid unnecessary medical care. I often get to pick up where physicians and physical therapists have left off and help clients progress from ill, injured or functional, to super-functional with life-long healthy habits!

I still have a strong desire for learning, and the world of health and fitness is constantly changing. I stay current by devouring health publications, frequently attending continuing education workshops and thoroughly researching any new challenge clients present me with.

In 2003, I started expanding my business so I can continue to help as many people as possible, while I spend time with my daughter. I found some terrific trainers to work with clients and successfully cater to each of their individual needs while bringing them regular, fun and challenging workouts. I perform initial assessments and create individualized exercise programs for each client, and then work closely with each of my highly qualified trainers on program updates, so that each client has the highest probability of reaching their goals. Contact us to get healthy and fit today!

I look forward to continuing to help as many people as possible discover how health and fitness can improve the quality of their lives!


Maren Sederquist, MES, PES, CSCS, CPT